New Ideas to Ponder

The last week has been filled with new concepts to ponder, reminders of things learned in the past that had slipped in the recesses of my mind and just an overload of information that will take some time to ponder and process. 

One topic was on prayer. I had the opportunity to watch Louie Giglio’s dvd:  Prayer:Remix (on sale for $5 at Family Bookstore for a couple of days near Labor day).  He challenges God’s people to do a remix on three of the most commonly used repetitive phrases we all tend to use in prayer.

  • bless us or our loved ones

He reminds us that in Ephesians 1:3-4 that God has already blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens. The suggestion he makes: consider asking God to help us bless to Him, to allow Him to live thru us in a way that will bring blessing and Glory to Himself.

  • be with us or our loved ones

For those of us In Christ, we have already received the Holy Spirit-Christ in us, therefore He is with us. Scripture tells us He will never leave or forsake us, that He goes with us and will be our rear guard. Remix- Lord, please help me allow You to live through me in a way that affects and influences others for Your Glory.

  • watch over us or our loved ones

Here Louie reminds us that there is no place we can go where God is not already there, there is nothing hidden from God ! 

   This dvd is interesting and makes one think! Louie is not saying that there is anything wrong with these and admits he catches himself doing these same things. It is funny and has a lot of truth and has given me fresh ways to approach prayer.

    For me, it becomes a  problem  when  prayer becomes rote  or routine, just going through the motions.  That is when the daily issues of life tend to creep in and interrupt my time with the Lord.  (to do lists, we need … from the grocery,etc.)  I am beginning to  look  for ways to remix prayer and make it come alive in a new way that will keep it fresh.

    One way I have found is spending time focused on who God is and in thanksgiving. Keeping it more focused with more specific things helps also, then there are less of the little darty distractions  and a quieter mind that can take time and listen for the ‘Still small voice’ who is more than happy to direct our prayers in areas of need both in ourselves and in those around us.

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