A Challenging Prayer Time

   Have you ever been praying and felt the Holy Spirit was challenging you by giving you words to pray and suddenly your routine time with the Lord just comes alive with a life of its own???

   Just a time of normal prayer for normal things, those who have health needs, financial need, thanksgiving for all the Lord’s love,mercy, grace, blessings-then comes the prompting to pray for the really big stuff that we often neglect to think about and maybe there are others that do as well:

  • Un-reached people groups
  • Those suffering martyrdom 
  • And the Body of Christ at large

  Today,  I was reminded of a statement I’d recently heard. The person I was listening to related that the United States was the third largest un-churched nation in the World. I have not confirmed this however after seeing many changes in our country throughout my life, it doesn’t totally surprise that it is true.  Ok, so how do I pray about these huge things? It reminded me of the old question: How do you eat an elephant?~One bite at a time.

Where to start?  was my next question and it seems the answer was to begin with the Body of Christ and the challenge to pray for us as a body to  put aside our denominational and doctrinal differences and to be united; to trust God more fully with the circumstances in our lives so that we can be more selfless and spend more time loving others; to quit seeing church as something to do and look toward being the church in ways that will have a positive effect on those we love and come into contact with; to see the Body of Christ work in tandem and to raise up more individuals who are devoted to allowing God to be first in their life and allow Jesus to not only live in them but to also live through them fully.

What a large challenge! Am I up to it? No. Do I believe God can and will answer it? Yes, with God, all things are possible and nothing is impossible!  Would you mind if I ask you who may choose to read these ramblings to join with me in these prayers if you are not already doing this? Changed hearts will change the world and how better than to unite together and boldly ask our Father in Heaven for these things??

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