An Unexpected Reminder

It is a gorgeous day! I sat at my desk this morning enjoying some quiet time; just me and the Lord. I opened the drawer and ran across a small journal.  I opened to the first page and began reading and I was taken aback wondering how on earth I let this little gem get away from me.

Very early last year I heard a lady mention she had would ask one simple question during her morning prayer times. “What is on your heart, Lord?” Next, she would sit quietly and wait before the Lord. Whether it was a scripture reference, a scripture, or hearing the Lord speak quietly to her heart, she would journal her experieince.

As 2015 begin, I set this in motion as part of my quiet time. Today, I looked back on those first few days.  I was amazed at what I found there. I’m not exactly sure what happened in the first weeks of 2015 that became such a distraction, but I didn’t keep it up long enough for it to become a habit. I dropped the ball and did not pick it back up. I fell back into old routines and never looked back until today.  It’s hard to believe that I let distraction detour me after seeing satisfying results.

After reading a few entries, I am amazed what I had written.  Looking at those insights, I am deeply grateful to have found them.  To have a reminder and an opportunity to begin this practice again is execting.  I cant’t wait to see where it will lead.

Taking time to listen more and speak less during prayer, my focus was more on God and His heart and less on myself and my needs. I would read a scripture or Bible passage followed with the question, “what’s on Your heart, Lord?”  Some days a scripture would be impressed upon my heart; sometimes I was prompted to pray for someone in a specific way.  One particular day, I was encouraged by to seek Him first, focus, and trust; He would fill in the blanks and empty places in my life. Other times I was given personal, encouraging words that were very on point for where I was that day.


Jan. 4, I heard:

Excellence- Not perfection

Excellence =  Your best for where you are.

Your best you.

Ask yourself, Is this my best?

Excellence is equally defined for all…it’s your best, not someone else’s.

It never looks the same on any two people because

We are all different; different maturity levels, talents, gifts, and different stages of life.

I do not want you to be someone else; but to be uniquely who you are.

Verse:  “Indeed, we have all received grace after grace from His fullness,”John 1:16

I believe finding the journal was a divine appointment; a reminder. Many doubt and question does God still speak to His children today. All I can tell you is He speaks to me. Sometimes it is through His Word, other times it is a nudging, prompting, a well timed word from someone unexpected, and sometimes it is a still small voice only heard by my heart.  His Word says God is the same, yesterday, today and forever, so if He spoke to His people in ancient times, surely He still does! The question is are we ever still and quiet enough to hear? I sure hope so!!

Grace, peace and blessings to you!