Scandalous Grace

Today we celebrate that there was No victory in the death of Jesus Christ though the religious leaders and Satan thought there was. Death’s sting was extinguished forever! Why? Because He was victorious over death once and for all! He is risen and alive forever!

In an incomprehensible act of love, mercy and grace, God’s beloved Son left all that was His to become like us. He not only experienced all the trials and sorrows we do, but He walked through them…never bogged down in them! His was the victory as He faced each one, stood firm, strong and sinless; always trusting His Father and His God! He faced the most painful death counting it joy because He understood what it was purchasing for all,of us if we only have the faith to believe!



Jesus forever changed the way we are able to interact with our Father God, Creator of the Universe!

So I will stand! Arms high and heart abandoned…in Awe of Jesus and gratitude to God!



I don’t know about you but I owe it all to Him! So grateful for God’s inexhaustible mercy, love and grace!  He is risen indeed!



Happy Easter! May His love, grace and peace be abundantly yours this day and every day!



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