The Crimson Thread

I am a very grateful woman today! The Word of God tells His people often to “remember”.  As I spent a few minutes in prayer this morning, I began to remember.   I began to think back as far as I can and recall my earliest childhood days. For this purpose, details are not important, though I remember many as far back as four. Some of them are less than pretty, others are wonderful. The words that came to mind and sum these memories up were, “from the earliest recollections, You are the constant thread in my life, Lord, weaving andholding all things together!  Even when I “felt alone”, I knew You were present with me.”

Sometimes I felt His presence, other times the realization came later, but looking back I knew instinctively, He was there!!  Such a treasure to know You were the strong crimson thread which was gently but beautifully and throughly interwoven from the beginning of this tapestry that is my life, and You will continue to be, not because of anything that I have done or will do, but because of Who You are and the promises You have made!

You are the strength that holds me together.  You make me strong in my weaknesses. You are the source of courage in my life and You have given me strength to be bold in the face of my fears! You are the inspiration for my desire to overcome my weakness and my failure, and You are the One who fills in the gaps where I fail to overcome these things.  Anything good or pleasing in my life is because You are there pulling it out, encouraging it in me, or just holding me together.  You Lord, are amazing!  You give me strength to believe, when much that is in me feels doubt!  You are the gentle but  determined nudge to keep going, when my tired flesh or spirit wants to quit. You are the voice that speaks tenderly above all the shout, demands and confusion of this world. You are the salve that soothes when all seems dry and parched!  God, You are indescribable, amazing and staggering in Your love, in Your character!  But even more, You are indispensable to me!  Thank you seems so small, even though it comes from the depth of my heart

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