Safety in the Storm

Safety on the Sea

S. And they that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in
as God had commanded [Noah]; and the Lord shut him in and
closed [the door] round about him. (Genesis 7:16 AMP)

O. Imagine knowing God picked you and your family out of the entire population of the world and declared you were the only righteous ones.
Add into the mix the command to build that huge ark and fill it as God desired. Maybe a little overwhelmed that He choose you? Or determinedly wanting to help others repent and be saved with you? Honored? Privileged? Concerned? Fearful? What would you feel as you did God’s bidding? No matter the feeling, I am betting Noah knew beyond a shadow of a doubt when God closed that door Himself, that his family was completely loved by God and perfectly safe in His hands.
I won’t ignore the possibility that at times during the 150 days they might have longed to walk the lush earth, wondered how life would be on the outside, maybe felt cooped up, then on a vast planet knowing they were the only inhabitants and were commissioned to repopulate the earth were they overwhelmed? But above all, in their shoes it would be most important to remember that God picked them out, He saved them from His just punishment, He had personally set them apart and personally put His hand to the door to seal it in His protection and theirs was a temporary situation no matter how difficult, lonely, or overwhelming it may have seemed at any given time during the voyage!! If God had done all this, surely He would be with them through anything!

A. Many times we go through difficult times, God is always there with us! Nothing happens without His Knowledge. He has promised to never leave or forsake us and He knows we are human and often have questions, doubts, he knows how we were formed, that we are dust! That doesn’t change Him or His character, though. He Is Faithful! He will accomplish what He begins. His hand personally sealed them and protected their journey and so it will ours if we are walking with Him in obedience, following His direction, listening, trusting, and loving our loving Father.

P. Lord, continue to teach me how to set aside my doubts, feelings, questions, and fears and trust You even more than ever during the trials of life! Your Word says those that believe and accept Jesus as Savior have been Sealed with the Holy Spirit, your very Hand; and that You will never leave or forsake us. Help me to hold onto that when in the middle of the storms that come into our lives, because they will come! Help me walk in total trust of Your plan for good in my life, not evil, not harm; realizing that You can take the smallest or largest thing that happens and use it for good in my life including the painful or difficult things that happen. In the Mighty Name of Jesus” Amen!

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