Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child

      Have you ever watched as a small child did something for the first time? Isn’t it amazing to watch them as they try something new or see something that they have never seen. I watched in delight several years ago, as my first grandchild discovered an airplane for the first time. He must have been around eight months old at the time.  I was walking from the car to the store and he was riding in the front of the buggy, when all of a sudden he sucked in air and the sound of ahhhhhhhh met my ears. Next his arm shot up into the air pointing at the distant silver shiny object that we call an airplane. I told him that’s an airplane.  He giggled and smiled ear to ear because of the delight and wonder of something new!

        I wish I knew when it was in our growing up that the sense of wonder begins to disappear and why it seems to slip away without us even noticing.  Sure, we have glimpses every once in a while when we see a really amazing sunset or take a long drive through the mountains observing the colorful fall foliage. Yet, for the most part I think we get caught up in the whirlwind of life, running here and there trying to fit all we can into our lives.  We forget to slow down and take the time to find the wonder that is all around us unless there is an extraordinary reason, such as the birth of a child or something unexpected happens. Is it possible for us to slow down and recapture wonder? Or are we in today’s culture just too over stimulated by so much information, so many responsibilities, and such a fast paced world that it seems impossible?

       If we miss the wonder that is right before our faces in nature, then how often do we miss the wonders of the Creator of creation?  Do we take for granted to beauty of each new morning as we rush around preparing for our day making lists and checking them off? How about the smell of the rain as it washes and refreshes the earth or the sound of a gentle breeze blowing through the leaves? How many times do I catch myself   flitting around in all the busyness and don’t notice the beauty all around much less thank God for that beauty? Also, how much more important to pause and notice the wonder of our God, the wonder of His love, His graciousness, His mercy to us? There is no other being on earth or in heaven that compares to God. There is no one who will ever love us like He does! Psalm 77:13-15(HCSB) says “God, Your way is holy.  What god is great like God? You are the God who works wonders; You revealed Your strength among the peoples. With power You redeemed Your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.”      Selah

      Selah, just another way of saying: stop for a bit, take a pause, listen, ponder for a moment. What a blessing if in our busy days we could take a few minutes every few hours and just pause, look around for a moment and quiet our souls and find a little something to celebrate or something small to find wonder in! (Even if we have to schedule on the calender or set a reminder on our phone!) Just take a few minutes here and there to stop the madness and rest in something bigger than we are.  I am betting it would refresh our minds and we would be better people and more productive if we did this more often.

Psalm 71:16-18 (HCSB)  I come because of the mighty acts of the Lord GOD ; I will proclaim Your righteousness, Yours alone. God, You have taught me from my youth,  and I still proclaim Your wonderful works. Even when I am old and gray, God, do not abandon me.  Then I will proclaim Your power to [another] generation, Your strength to all who are to come. 

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